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Dulce Domum

Wrought Iron Glass Hydroponic Vase

Wrought Iron Glass Hydroponic Vase

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Bring beauty and botanic bounty into every room with our Wrought Iron Glass Hydroponic Vase. Turn your walls into gorgeous green gardens — perfect for succulents, flowers, and more. Where there’s a wall there’s a way to go hydroponic!

Product information:

Material: glass
Product number: Test tube can be hung with hemp rope
Size: Small: 22.5*4*3.2cm, Medium: 27.2*4*3.2cm, Large: 32.5*4*3.2cm
Process: Bionic
color: grey
Production method: semi-manual and semi-mechanical
Specifications: Small size hemp rope can hang test tubes, medium hemp rope hangs test tubes, large hemp rope can hang test tubes

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