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Dulce Domum

Iron vase ornaments

Iron vase ornaments

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These Iron vase ornaments are ah-mazing! Elevate any room with their sleek, traditional look - perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your home décor. Every guest will be green with envy! Get your iron vase ornaments today!

Fold a branch of green leaves, the bottle is thoroughly cold, a piece of fragrant wood, let the water flow, according to the dark incense ~
Vintage hydroponic flower: vibrant, bright and light. Made of natural wood, special craftsmanship, durable, vintage style, full of natural qualities.
Art comes from life, letting nature get closer to our natural oxygen bar
A sly, quietly picking up the fascinating verses;
 A smile, soft and colorful, with a colorful melody;
One meter of sunshine, gently greet the blue morning light.

Material: Glass + Wood


Size:    10*8*16.5cm (3.9*3.1*6.5")

           10*13*21.5cm (3.9*5.1*5.1*8.5")

S :

Unilateral: 11*14.2cm 

High and low models: 12*19cm 

Balance: 11*14.2cm


Style: Pastoral

Package:1pc/carton box 

Packaging included:1pc x  Hydroponics     Ornament

Single : 12.5*7*16

Double : 18.5*7*24


1.DIY Eco-friendly,Exquisite Workmanship.

2.A great villa model for home, Wood crafts.

3.A good choice for Birthday,Party,Festival,Business,  for friends,relatives,lovers.

4.A nice choice to home office lobby desk table decoration ornaments accessories.

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